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BNDES Finame

Volkswagen Bank´s Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) Finame is a long-term financing for trucks and buses of MAN and Volkswagen brands and even equipments to meet the needs of your company (BNDES MPME and MGGE).

This type of financing has the lowest rates of the market, possibility of fixed monthly installments for BNDES PSI, free of IOF (Financial Transaction Tax), grace period to start amortization and possibility to finance up to 90% for MPME and MGGE.

Product features:

Perfect for

All BNDES MPME and MGGE companies

Suitable for

0 km trucks and buses of MAN and Volkswagen brands and even new equipments


On Finame the owed balance is amortized by SAC table.

The amortization is constant and the interest rates are decreasing. Therefore, the installments rates get smaller with time.

Up to 60 months

How to acquire

Check the necessary documents to acquire this product. Click here.

Find a dealer next to you.

Ask for Volkswagen Bank credit* and be sure you made a good deal

* Credit subject to approval

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